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The platform that kindles leadership traits in adolescents through immersive social impact projects.

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What is Orion?

A set of programs designed for children in the age group of 12 to 17 years that is targeted at ...

Well Rounded Education

Makes children apply their education and hone critical thinking, problem solving and team work along with faculties that they did not apply as much in a formal school setting

Leadership Development

Children learn about real world challenges. Children also learn to grow their wings as they begin to realise that they can move mountains.

Creating a Social Impact

Helps prepare tomorrow's leaders with ignited minds. Children learn about the real life addressable issues and explore sustainable solutions.

How Orion works?

Orion gives a platform where each child is understood for they are. Through meticulously designed multi stage programs that focus on mental, emotional and spiritual strengthening,
Orion  prepares the child to take on  real life challenges by meeting them where they are. We do not attempt to pull the child towards maturity, rather gradually inculcate empathy and reverence for life itself. In a monitored and mentored environment, the child is prepared to spread his/her wings. 

New Perspective

Develop New Perspectives

We all know that the future of the world is in the hands of the children. And the education of our children needs to be augmented with new perspectives. Perspectives that will motivate them to lead new  developments in world. 

Social Ipact

Impact Real Life Opportunities 

Orion is a multi stage program that aims to help the children to hone their potential as a leader . They get to connect with social opportunities in the real world and develop solutions in a monitored and mentored environment.

Self Belief

Grow Self Belief

Succeeding as leaders in the complex world requires igniting empathy, creativity, self belief and perseverance.Making a social impact at a young age gives life long confidence to a child, who is much better equipped for challenges that life thrown at them. 

New Pathways

Create New Pathways

Equipped with new perspectives, different lenses to view problems and confidence in one's ability to make a difference, children design innovative pathways towards sustainable solutions .

The Orion Programs

Orion is a platform that delivers multi staged programs to help a child blossom into a leader. This development is a process which could take years, with every child having their own pace.  Every child is evaluated for readiness for the stage before they are taken in.  


Stage 1 :


► Open up for new experiences and connect with opportunities
► Generate awareness of oneself and the social environment


Stage 2 :


► Understand and hone your abilities
►Touching lives of other people meaningfully in mentored environment


Stage 3 :


►Discover your leadership
►Identify Opportunities for Major Change


Stage 4 :


► Design and Implement Solutions
► Lead, Facilitate & Architect a Major Opportunity

Orion Team

Creator of Opportunities
Jyotika Dhawan is the heart and soul of Orion. Jyotika is an unlimited source of energy who is relentlessly connecting the right people with the right opportunities. For Orion, she connects her massive network of friends and industry leaders with the social cause, the parents with the upcoming programs , students with the right NGOs.
Learning Designer
Alok likes to create learning designs that harness the energy and creativity of everyone who is involved in the group and thus create desirable impact. His focus is on participation and deep involvement and how that can be brought about by meaningful design. He is always on the lookout for newer ways of creating learning adventures…
Impact Designer
Nitin is the designer at Orion. He likes to design the details from idea to execution. Nitin is an admirer of creativity and likes to build value by designing structures and processes so that the raw energy can be harnessed and impact maximised.
Mentor in Chief
Simran likes to engage with people and energize them to change habits and deliver lasting impact. Simran leverages her experience in Leading, Mentoring, Coaching and Training people to unleash their true potential. Simran believes that everyone deserves to experience/explore their BEST self. She is also a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner.
Shikha Chetal
Program Catalyst
Shikha makes things happen at Orion. She catalyzes the execution by her zealous planning and ability to see pitfalls and risks when the program is in execution. Shikha a sense of what is not going well and what requires improvement, which keeps Orion preemptively strong.
Megha Nihalani
Experience Monitor
Megha develops stories that makes the experience of the participants at Orion Programs easier to comprehend and connect with . Megha has the knack to simplify complex ideas and uses her personal experience in creating transformations to make the journey of the participants enjoyable.

Parents Testimonials


Upcoming Programs

Engaging  Program (Stage 2)

Know More..

3 January 2018( Apply Now)

Detailed program will be shared shortly

Awakening Program (Stage 1)

Know More..

26 December, 2017( Apply Now)

Detailed program will be shared shortly


"The program has awakened a sense of selflessness in me. It has made me count my blessings yet mould me in a way nothing has before. I am more sensible, grateful and motivated now". Saisha Koul, SBS(Class 10th )
"I learnt about the weaknesses in India, and how people are working towards it. This makes me want to help in the development". Saisha Khanna, British school(Class 7th)
"A lot has changed, I used to volunteer earlier as well. This program has showed me how I can make this a permanent part of my life". Nandini Wahi, TSMS(Class 11th)
"I saw the plight of so many people in these 6 days, and the suffering, and I am now more thankful and full of gratitude, and will extend my help in many ways" Sarah Jain, DPS (Class 8th)

Student Impact

"I realized the sad conditions of people living in India, and now I consider myself lucky to not have any disabilities and disadvantages". Rushil Punchhi, TSRS(Class 10th)
"I learnt about the realities in India, and how I an contribute in bringing about a change". Aditya Mehta, TSRS(Class 8th)
"I have become more sensitive , learnt more about life and to be thankful for life". Ishita, (Class )
"Before I felt very sad for other people who didn't have everything they desired and could not do anything about it.but now I know wot I can do can by being here." Shaurya, TSMS(Class 8th)
"I started understanding people better and the issues that need us". Samaira, springdales(Class 6th)
"I learnt many things that I dint know about life, there are many underpriviliged right between us. I also learnt about empathy and compassion." Arnav, TSRS(Class 7th )
"I am more grateful for what I have and value the little things that are around me, given to me, and that loneliness can be very sad." Nandini Dhawan, Homeschooling(Class 7th )
"My Gratitude has changed drastically after seeing the condition of some people". Tusha Karnani, TSMS(Class 7th )
"Earlier I dint know the other side of life, now I understand many more realities." Shreya, TSMS(Class 8th)
"My understanding of the underprivilidged totally changed, and I am much more thankful now." Rishika, DPSI(Class 8th)
"I learned a lot about things around, and the imp of social service." Udaijeet, TSMS(Class 7th )
" I have realized the realities of world." Archisha, TSMS(Class 7th )
"At first I had no idea how it feels to help people but now I realized the enlightenment that comes from it." Stuti Kumar, TSMS(Class 7th )
"Got to know people and know more about social work." Saadhya Madhok, springdales(Class 6th)
"Changed views about people I our society that cannot be self-reliant and are below the poverty line.". Tejas Karnani, TSMS(Class 8th)