A lot of these young children find themselves stuck, or rather, forced into a old created by a society which has restricted their future and stripped them of hope. A lot of these kids grow up being told that because of their socioeconomic place in this world, they won’t amount to much. They grow up in a world of stereotypes that expects them to become drug dealers and/or addicts who do poorly in school and end up dead before they’re 30. Their dreams are ridiculed.

The pattern of life in these children has become quite ingrained and it will take more efforts to help them break away from their somewhat bleak realities. It has to be recognized that it is because of their day to day realities that they have become pessimistic, hopeless and narrow minded and that they have so much anger and sadness in them.

This projects is aimed at improving the mindset of the preteen/teenaged kids who are part of a remedial school, to move past their anger, misery, narrow mindedness, resentment, aggression, sadness. This project helps them find the key to unlocking growth potential. This happens to an extent that they event want that on to the younger kids in their community.

We also help them understand their talents, possibilities for future and a roadmap. 

Some Guidance

Help the kids understand the power of positive thinking.

Help them understand the values of love, peace, happiness, kindness, simplicity and clarity and even explain that to the younger ones.

Help understand possibilities and implement career roadmapping.