These children also sometimes do not get the outside enrichment opportunities their peers have such as music, dance, art or sports lessons and trips to museums, historical site, and other places.

This world needs a large dose of kindness, and that kindness is for everyone. Instead of mocking these kids because of their social standing, we need to be encouraging them. They deserve to be pushed like any other kid, encouraged to reach their full potential.

This project focuses on raising the perspective of these kids. It is first done by working on the foundation, helping them understand how they can disconnect themselves from their disorienting realities and become open for new possibilities.

They are helped to imbibe the values of love, peace, happiness, kindness, simplicity and clarity. 

Then are opened to understand how they are deserving of the opportunities in the world. 

Some Guidance

Develop innovative ways of helping the young children understand the values.

Motivate them through stories of the role models who have emerged from similar backgrounds and give them extra help if they need it.

Measure and monitor their progress.

It will help to have a measurement system where feedback about the quality of content and its impact is captured and used to improve the content selection or it tagging.