Ramesh, 72, while chatting with a friend mentioned how his doctor keeps tells him to go online and play some games like Lumosity, Memory and Dakim,  designed for Alzheimer patients like him.  “It sounds like there’s something useful out there, but how am I supposed to get there?”, he says.

We know an there is so much development happening in technology and our seniors are  kind of getting left behind. The issue of older adults and technology is particularly timely now that the first Baby Boomers have already hit 65.

Digital literacy for seniors is about teaching technology to our seniors so that they get new tools to reconnect with the modern world. Tools that help them socialize such as Facebook, Facetime and Whatsapp and apps that help them use the new convenient world like Paytm, Uber and even Zomato.

It is about handholding our seniors to this side of the digital divide. Showing our love and gratitude for all that they have done for us.

Some Guidance 

Let’s understand how Senior Citizen learn best. Take them from the known to the unknown. Create systems that help them learn at their own pace. It would be good to have rewards for achieving milestones. There should be avenues for them to turn to, when help is required.

Ideally, the systems should run without your intervention. If the trainers can be care givers around them, nothing like it.